Investors can trade

in the financial markets by transmitting orders by phone or by using BETA’s online trading platform.

a) Traditional investor-broker relationship

The traditional investor-broker/investment advisor relationship is at the heart of what we do. Indeed, the best market intelligence derives from the continuous contact between broker and investor. Each investor cooperates with a specific broker, and by working together, they establish a tailored made investment approach that works for the investor and matches his objectives. As this relationship develops, so will the broker’s understanding of the investor and his requirements. The better the broker knows the investor and especially his risk attitudes the more efficient he will be in the construction of a portfolio that meets his specific needs and risk tolerance.

Brokers/investment advisors provide:

• Asset allocation advice

• Macroeconomic and international analysis

• Portfolio construction advice

• Bottom up analysis: Fundamental analysis of companies

• Top down analysis: Analysis of macroeconomic variables & their effect on stock markets

• Macro policy Analysis

• Analysis of the sectors and companies that interest the investor

• An insight into current trends and thinking

• Monitoring of open positions

• Market discussion highlighting key drivers

​The broker/investment advisor discusses new ideas with the investor while researching and exploring the investor’s ideas. Discussions with the broker include macro trends and specific sector and company analysis.

Certain portfolio Managers and brokers specialize in technical analysis and attempt to forecast and discuss short term price behavior of selected assets, sectors and markets. Discussions on fundamental analysis always remains the cornerstone of our sales/asset management departments.

b) Online trading platform


Can trade in the Greek equity and derivatives markets as well as in equities in all the major international markets. 

Have full access to their accounts and can monitor daily their portfolios.

BETA has over 25 years of experience in bond trading and is very active in trading Greek, sovereign and corporate Eurobonds. 

Our team of professional traders ensures that investors get excellent execution prices even in the case of limited liquidity in the markets.


We provide market making services for companies listed in the ASE in order to improve liquidity.

We have been acting as market makers in more than twenty five Greek companies including companies from the large cap index. 

BETA has been rated consistently by the ASE with the highest rating for its market making services.

We are not engaged in prop trading to preserve company capital, mitigate risk. This decision enables us to be transparent by focusing in the best execution of clients orders.


“The most important quality for an investor is temperament not intellect.”
“You have to be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.”