BETA’s Asset Management department has been officially active since 2006. Our team consists of highly trained professionals who follow the most appropriate strategies for each portfolio to maximize returns for a given level of risk. We construct diversified portfolios to match several types of investment profiles and strategies. We can also construct portfolios focusing in special asset classes.

Services for private individuals and corporate & institutional clients include:

Discretionary Asset Management 

Advisory Services

Investment options include Greek, European, and US equities, as well as corporate bonds.


We rely heavily on asset allocation aiming to determine the optimal mix of asset classes. We include local and foreign equities bonds, cash and commodities in the various portfolios depending on the risk profile and orientation. The strategic allocation mix that is appropriate to the investor is performed for the long term; while tactical allocation allows short term deviations in order to explore specific opportunities and market conditions.

Optimal asset allocation is achieved based on:

Current international market conditions and valuations

Clients risk profile

Expected performance of portfolio

Portfolio riskiness

Correlation of expected returns

Investment horizon

Liquidity needs

Specific economic situation

Base currency

Portfolios are constructed based on expected performances, investment opportunities, global market risks and historical data analysis.


BETA also provides a fully integrated multifamily office service for wealth management of very high net worth individuals (VHNWI). The major objective is the efficient management of asset classes and portfolios and the advice on the complex legal and taxation systems. 

Investors with total liquid and illiquid assets exceeding 5 million euros have access to a one stop shop facility.

In addition to the assets that we keep under our custody we cooperate with major international financial institutions for the custodian services and can act as external asset managers. Thus, quality services are provided under one roof regardless of the custodian of the assets.


BETA Securities S.A. undertakes the Asset Management and Investment Support of Pension Funds.

“Time in the market beats market timing.”
“The biggest risk of all is not taking one.”
“ Men perceive what is happening now, wise men the approaching things and Gods perceive future things”